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from the SacBee:
"The Democrats released only a broad overview of their package Tuesday afternoon. Bass said the new revenues, which will account for $11.3 billion, would include a three-year hike in the state sales tax, a new oil severance tax of 9.9 percent and a nickel-a-drink tax on alcoholic beverages in the state." (emphasis mine)

Waiting for Turkey

20 lbs. of organic free range awesomeness... cooking... marinating in honey buttery goodness... smells so good. waiting sucks. must eat turkey.... maybe a beer will help pass the time... yep... it did.

49ers Just Say No

Went to the 49ers-Rams tilt Sunday. Was having a lovely time watching the SF Singletaries dismantle an absolutely dreadful St. Louis Rams squad. Great day, two teams I don't give a crap about and tailgating in the parking lot. It's winter somewhere, but it sure as hell ain't here.

Abbott the Electrician

I just replaced the electric socket in my office that's been busted and unusable since we moved in. AND, I replaced the dimmer switch that I busted yesterday will an ill-aimed swat at the knobby thingy on the wall. AND I managed to do it all with out shocking the living daylights out of myself. Eff yeah.

The Value of Firebus

According to, the domain is worth a resounding $250. That's awesome. For reference, comes in at $15,000,000 and is worth $20,000,000.

No on 8

Not that anyone reading this would dare vote yes, but just in case... please vote no on 8, or consider yourself a hateful jerk. And don't come back here again. ever.

Burritos in the Dog Park

It seems to me that if you have a burrito and you really want to eat it in the park, it's probably best to not sit on the bench immediately next to the dog area. Look, I can get my dog to "leave" just about ANYTHING, but Marlo's sharper than most. The recall command, especially in the face of a carnitas fueled binge, is REALLY tough to execute for the average mutt. (Dude, if you turn your back long enough I might steal the burrito...

Walking in LA

Flew into LA this morning for a two day consulting engagement... didn't have to be anywhere until noon, so I took the bus to Union Station, and decided to walk a mile downtown to the office. Big mistake. Every damn street in this town turns into a highway.

Fleet Week

Personally, I kinda like fleet week in a NASCAR "those things go wicked fast and might smash themselves to bits any second now" kinda way, but after an afternoon of Maverick and Goose buzzing the tower here, dogbert would like to formally nominate the fleet week jets as the worst thing in the world... he hasn't looked this panicked since the fourth of july. If those effers ever come down, he's gonna give them the biggest stream of pee not seen in these parts since the infamous street park incident. Well Marlo, I'm here for you bud.

Rental Tuxes

I hate rental tuxes, and I'm not that big on weddings. Actually, I hate anything resembling formal attire, but rental tuxes are the worst. Weddings have enough crap without rental tuxes.

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