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Goodbye World

The first program you ever wrote was called Hello World

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A Taxonomy of Kudos

After a concert, we always have a pot luck where we sit around congratulating ourselves on how awesome we were.

After experiencing a number of these, I started to see the patterns in the Kudos, and I'd like to propose we collaborate to build a universal taxonomy of Kudos.

General or Specific Self-congratulation
I/we did a really good job!
A specific aspect of my/our performance turned out great!
Unexpected General or Specific Self-Congratulation
I/someone else expected it would suck, but it ended up being great!

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Multiplication Tables

I've always had a mental hiccup at 7*8. It takes me an extra millisecond to remember that it's 56, or if I remember I have to take an extra second to confirm it - to count up from 49 or something.

It's so ingrained that I apparently have taken for granted for my entire life that other people have the same problem. As it turns out (you already know this :) that's not that case.

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Blog to Book: Vacation Home Cooking

Guaranteed six-figure blog to book concept:

Serially rent vacation homes for the weekend. Only eat what's already in the kitchen. Blog your fantastic recipes (900 ways to serve saltines and powdered milk? Gross-of-canned-green-beans casserole?) Eventually publish the cookbook.

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Bach B-Minor Mass Recital at the Oakland Cathedral

OSC has been running a workshop of the Bach B-Minor Mass and we're giving a free recital with the chorus and all the workshop participants on March 13th at the Oakland Cathedral.

More info on the OSC home page and at the cathedral's web site.

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You're Welcome

Since everyone is trying to revive the lost art of hand-written communication, I mentioned that someone could make a lot money by giving people the means to send more paper mail.

The V-Chip immediately suggested reviving the ancient tradition of the "You're Welcome" note - it's the classy response to any thank you note.

In discussion with The Committee, we came up with some more potential niches for stationary start-ups:

  • "Wish I'd Been There"
  • "Season's Farewells"
  • "I'll Get Well Whenever I Damn Well Please"

No, no, you're welcome.

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Holiday Caroling

The Oakland Symphony Chorus is caroling on the following dates:

  • Friday, December 4, in Jack London Square for the Holiday Lighting Ceremony. 6:06 PM - 6:30 PM
  • Saturday, December 5, in Jack London Square for the Lighted Yacht Parade. 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Thursday, December 10, at the Oakland Zoo/Flamingo Plaza for Zoo Lights. 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

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