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National Public Radio for Bad

NPR has been named to the EFF takedown hall of fame for leveling a bogus DMCA takedown notice against a political ad on YouTube.

In addition to ignoring the principles of fair use, and violating the law, the timing of the takedown was such that political debate was effectively stifled.

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Salvation Army For Bad

The Salvation Army won't give you toys at Christmas unless you can prove that you are a legal resident.

Way to go! I guess I will be donating my old stuff to Goodwill from now on.

From my perspective there's some dissonance between the Christian values of love and compassion this organization espouses and the uncharitable, divisive, and functionally racist nature attempt tp exclude people from its toy campaign.

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Let Us Break Bread Together (again)

The Oakland Symphony Chorus will be performing in the annual Break Bread concert at the Paramount on December, 13.

In keeping with our tradition, OSC is putting together an ecumenical potpourri of holiday songs for our set...

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hi everyone.

my dad died last friday.

my first plan was to achieve maximum denial by not telling anyone about it. but then i realized that eventually we'd end up talking, and you'd say "how are you?" and i'd say "my father's dead", and that's no way to start a conversation (sorry, timmy)

he had been sick with a blood disorder for a number of years, and hadn't been doing very well for awhile, so it wasn't unexpected. and he died pretty peacefully.

i'm doing okay. i might not reply to you if you write back (again, with the denial).

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Tatersaurus Tot Eggs

These are Scotch eggs with some ingredients replaced by tater tots. They were engineered for the first occasional Tot Off at Mission Madness

tatersaurus nesttatersaurus nest


  • 1/2 bag of tater tots
  • 2 eggs, raw
  • 1/4 c. milk
  • 8 eggs, hard-boiled and peeled
  • 1 pound of fatty ground meat - don't get extra lean
  • 6 cloves of garlic, minced

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The Patrick Swayze Psychometric System

I've noticed that everyone confuses Patrick Swazye with another actor, and has trouble remembering whether Swayze or his look-alike was in a given film. Which actor that you confuse with Patrick Swayze tells us something important about who you are.

Here are the doppelgangers I've identified so far:

Kevin Costner
They both sound like dumb guys, but are surprisingly sensitive and crafty on the inside. You primarily consider (perceived) intelligence when making first impressions. Your favorite Swayze is Point Break.
Dennis Quaid

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The REAL Carbon Footprint of Bicycles

Sure, everyone thinks that bikes are awesome because they get infinity miles to the gallon, but that's just hype!

There's absolutely a carbon footprint associated with bicycle use. From the manufacture and shipping of frames and accessories to the carbon footprint of the foods you eat that fuel your bike, it's clear that bike riding takes an incremental but measurable toll on the environment.

The real question is, "How does a bike's carbon footprint compare to a car's carbon footprint?"

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Baco the Clown

Instead of making ballon animals, Baco the Clown makes sculptures out of bacon.

With his backpack cooler full of bacon (maybe it can have a camelpack like dispenser that lets out one strip at a time) and his propane torch Baco can create a veritable menagerie of happy woodland creatures, farm animals, and house hold pets.

I'm thinking that there's some kind of metal armature - a grid with removable parts or a just a set of rods - that Baco can use to hold the raw bacon in place while he flames it.

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Self-closing toilet

What amazing problems (hunger? war?) would we, as a species, be able to resolve using the cognitive surplus that would be made available with this invention!

All the time spent arguing about which position a toilet should be left in, and whose responsibility leaving things in what position are, and all the time spent feeling bad about gender disagreements, not to mention the expense and possible long term side-effects of anti-depressants...

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