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Better grep

So, this is maybe the dumbest thing ever, but since I've been working a lot lately with a large codebase that's new to me and has many odd dependencies I do this a lot:

grep -lr someFunctionName someRepositoryWorkingCopy/

And for every interesting hit, I get about 5 hits from inside a .svn directory which makes it hard to see anything.

So then I have to go back and say

grep -lr someFunctionName someRepositoryWorkingCopy/ | grep -v svn

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"Falafel" Pantry Fiasco

I have some OCD tendencies, and the primary vehicle for my disorder is pantry management. I really like using everything up. I'm willing to cook and consume occasionally terrible food to make sure ingredients get used within a reasonable timeframe (say, a year for most dry ingredients). Whenever I get a chance to cook in someone else's house, I always go through the whole pantry looking for old stuff that I can cook with or consolidate if I can get away with it.

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mod_dir and internal rewrites


In an htaccess, I wanted to make some internal rewrites for a directory using mod_rewrite

It would have been better to use mod_alias for this, but you can't use Alias in a Directory/htaccess context, and I had no access to the vhost configuration.

Here's the first rewrite I tried:

RewriteRule ^some/path(.*) filesystem/directory$1

This worked and provided an internal rewrite for URLs like
- some/path/something
- some/path/

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  • A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds
  • The consistency of pudding is foolish
  • Pudding is a hobgoblin


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The Sitting Novation

I've been trying to work up the courage to boo when there's a standing ovation that isn't deserved, but even though the goal is to bring down the average appreciation to something more reasonable it seems mean, and dishonest (unless it really was a bad performance).

My new suggestion is to turn upside in your chair and wave your feet in the air.

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Carmina Burana, January 27, 2012 at the Paramount

Fortune rota. This was my second piece with the OSC and also my last. Almost a perfect circle.

Here's a review from the Benicia Herald.

It was a totally sold-out show, possibly due to the presence of the Oakland Youth Orchestra *and* the Oakland Youth Chorus. You know you're going to get a standing ovation when mom is in the audience.

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National Corndog Day 2012

NCD 2012 is just around the corner! It falls on St. Patricks Day this year. March 17th is the most dangerous corndog day - two holidays that promote binge drinking on the same day is double-trouble, and the resulting vomit is more likely to be green.

We've got a very patriotic theme for this election year, and party pack pre-orders are on sale now at

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ThoughtWorks Studios

After a long incubation, the ThoughtWorks Studios redesign has launched.

This project was a from-scratch rebuild of an existing Drupal site. The primary goals of the project were a major UI update and reorganization of content types/relationships to support a more structured presentation of content, and to make it easier for content editors to make updates.

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Strongarm/Features use cases uncovered

I'm launching my first project that uses Features heavily, and I've run into some of the limitations discussed in this post by Bill at Funny Monkey.

Bill talks about the difficulties in deploying multiple sites from a set of Features, and then keeping those sites in sync with the Feature as it evolves, and how that process is incompatible with Drupal's goal of making it possible for non-technical content admins to do more things.

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Rabies Post-bite Treatment


It seems like everyone in Buenos Aires who owns a dog and lives in an apartment has a dog walker to take their dogs out every day. You constantly see dog walkers in the street with 10 or 20 dogs, all on separate leashes, walking around perfectly happily. Many more dogs that would be considered safe or responsibile for dog walkers in the US.

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