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2011 National Corndog Day Relaunch

Hey! National Corndog Day 2011 is March 19th!


The site finally got a redesign. It has a lot of pretty elements, and is an infinite improvement over the previous site (a totally undesigned clone of pushbutton) but still has some big design flaws (especially the middle vertical scroller) that are fixable, but I have bigger fish to fry first...

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Brahms German Requiem, January 28, 2010

The Oakland Symphony Chorus (who I sing with) is performing Brahms's German Requiem with the Oakland East Bay Symphony later this month. It's pretty epic music.

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Finding the Best-Fit CMS for Your Project

CMS are often categorized by the use-cases they cover, usually grouped by "complexity". So we see a lot of CMS taxonomies that bucket products into "Enterprise/Small Business" or "Simple/Medium/Complex".

Here's a typical taxonomy takes both complexity and the Product vs Platform axis into account.

Getting back into Drupal work after a long hiatus, I had an epiphany about how developers choose CMS (or maybe more generally, how makers choose tools).

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Google Reader ca(t)ches your mistakes :(


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Parking Probability

I was parking at a metered spot today, and didn't have enough money to pay for the time I needed. But I figured it was probably worth paying for part of the time, to cut the chances of getting a ticket.

It would be great to create a parking calculator that would tell you when it was a good bet to pay the meter and when it was a good bet to risk a ticket.

You'd need to know

  • How long you will be parked
  • Hourly rate for the meter
  • Amount of the fine if you get a ticket
  • Probability of getting a ticket per hour parked

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The international language of interpretive dance.

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Sponsored Link

TWTITW's family acquaintance all the umbles would like your help getting a book deal, or really any attention that you have to spare. At their request, I've cut-and-pasted the following news item:

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The Moka Pot Origin Story

A nice write up on the origins of the Moka Pot. I wonder why these aren't more popular...

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