National Public Radio for Bad

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NPR has been named to the EFF takedown hall of fame for leveling a bogus DMCA takedown notice against a political ad on YouTube.

In addition to ignoring the principles of fair use, and violating the law, the timing of the takedown was such that political debate was effectively stifled.

Given that the EFF is one of my favorite organizations, and that I've supported them for years, this would instantly qualify NPR for my personal Network for Bad.

But the fact is, I haven't supported NPR for years. I stopped giving money to NPR in 2000 when they worked against FCC approval of low-power community radio stations with a dishonest FUD campaign.

Instead I began supporting my local college radio station, KALX, which gets as much if not more of my eartime.

In the years since, despite creating a lot of wonderful content that I've enjoyed, I haven't been moved to start giving them money again. This is due to a string of actions that offend my sense of ethics (including the DMCA takedown that the EFF is shaming them for), and a sharp increase in the amount, and kind, of advertising.

Don't get me wrong - they have every right to sell ads and to lobby against laws that negatively impact their bottom line. They may even have the right to lie in some of these cases. But I'm not going to support an organization that works against my convictions, no matter how much I like This American Life.

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