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Everyone loves thong underwear, and I think everyone would agree the best thing about thong underwear is whale tails.

It would be awesome if there were also thong socks, or thongcks.

The crotch would be on the top of the foot, between the big toe and its neighbor. The waistband would go along the top of the foot and behind the ankle. The thong would go down the middle of the bottom of the foot, and then would curve around the heel to meet the waistband behind the ankle.

A person wearing thongcks, regular shoes, and pants or a skirt that don't hide the ankle will show off two small whale tails at each heel.

Combined with the right underwear/waistband combination it would be a triple threat!


Or Knongs - special devices

Or Knongs - special devices that cover most of the knee but leave that chubby part on top shyly peeking out. That area of hte knee is also known as the 'cupids cheek' - You know - the petite equivalent of the 'muffin top' of flesh that sprouts from the low waistebands of many jean-clad female figures these days. Knongs, just like thongs, would serve no actual 'clothing' purpose but exsist to simultaneously cover and reveal for maximum impact upon the young male psyche.

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