"I voted" for bad?

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I was asked "how many cubic yards of "I Voted" stickers are going to wind up in landfills across the country" after this election?

And I decided to use powerful n=1 research techniques to answer the question.

The "I voted" sticker where I live is about 2 inches long.

It is about 0.01 of an inch thick max (cardstock is .0175, 16lb bond is .0032)

Width varies - my sticker is a long oval, but neighboring counties have circles. I have no idea what i national average is, so let's pretend that it's 2 inches wide as well and call that a reasonable maximum.

Doing the math, 1 cubic yard of stickers is about 64,800 stickers

90 million people were predicted to vote in this election.

So if they each got stickers, that's ~1,389 cubic yards of stickers in the trash.

That sounds bad, but how much trash is that really?

the US generates 63,000 garbage trucks worth of trash daily, and the average garbage truck holds ~65 cubic yards (uncompressed). That's about 4.1 million cubic yards of trash per day.

Which means that "i voted" stickers represent less than .03% of one day's trash. Probably not the low-hanging fruit of waste-reduction policy.


more please!

N=1 gets us such great results. You should have a "ask N of 1" form so readers can get their questions answered!

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the n=1 research institute

sounds like a great spin off idea. i think there's probably a lot of other n=1 research out there that needs a home. and i happen to have some great scientific publishing software lying around...

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