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TWTITW's family acquaintance all the umbles would like your help getting a book deal, or really any attention that you have to spare. At their request, I've cut-and-pasted the following news item:

“hot new “food satire” tumblr “all the umbles baked in a pie” (is that un-seo-friendly or what?) has been around for quite some time. it’s amazing that it’s flown under the radar for so long considering how much funnier it is than almost all other food-related humor out there. with tongue planted firmly in cheek, the oakland,ca-based author skewers such mainstays of the online food scene as ree drummond (“the pioneer woman”) and heidi swanson (of 101 cookbooks fame). and if you’ve never read shine food blog, prepare to meet your new favorite food read! we caught up with the author (who would only grant us an interview via gchat) and they had this to say:

<yourself>: so what makes your tumblr different from all the other food humor tumblrs? (we mean “shut up foodies.”)

all the umbles: well it’s funny you should ask! there are actually two ways that all the umbles is different. 1. is that we really focus almost exclusively on the online food world (i coined the term “foodternet” to describe it) as opposed to all food content out there. we don’t really do restaurants or food network or celebrities. all those people do well enough making themselves look like fucking clowns. and 2. “shut up foodies” is so fucking shitty.

<yourself>: haha, you’re more charming than i would have thought! so what motivated you to start writing on this topic?

all the umbles: overwhelming self-loathing

anyway, that was just a sample of the easy wit and full-bodied enthusiasm that drips off every word at all the umbles baked in a pie. check out the site yourself - maybe you too will recognize something of yourself in the cross-hairs of its schizophrenic, ever-roving, single red eye of hatred that lasers in on whatever it wants to fucking eat the joy out of.”

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