No-Knead Whole Wheat Bread

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Also Bittman. We're adding more yeast, more salt, nuts, olive oil to the basic recipe, and using a loaf pan.


do you let it rise again in

do you let it rise again in the loaf pan before baking? with that much pure whole wheat flour (not offset by any AP or high-gluten flour, or vital wheat gluten) do you find it to be too dense?

can you not mix the nuts in in the beginning? would that adversely affect things, do you think? hmm. . .

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not too dense

a little dense, but very tender! i think because it's such a moist loaf.

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yeah - the second rise is in fact supposed to be in the pan. i'll update the recipe.

i haven't actually made this yet - probably next week - but i do expect it to be quite dense. i find the regular no knead bread to be rather dense too (although my kitchen is chilly - maybe i need to do a 36 or 48 hour rise?) but i'm not too bothered by it :)

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