2011 National Corndog Day Relaunch

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Hey! National Corndog Day 2011 is March 19th!


The site finally got a redesign. It has a lot of pretty elements, and is an infinite improvement over the previous site (a totally undesigned clone of pushbutton) but still has some big design flaws (especially the middle vertical scroller) that are fixable, but I have bigger fish to fry first...

This is also a Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 upgrade, along with an Ubercart 1 to Ubercart 2 upgrade, and everything pretty much upgraded itself like it was supposed to (with the exception of some hammering on the buttons to get imagecache happy again). That never happens. Yay.


Nice iconography

I like the logo and art work! It is just absurd enough. ^_^

I am really happy for you that those upgrade paths worked out. It makes sense, this late in the game for D6 (and the end game for D5).

Speaking of imagecache, I had glazed over the fact that it is part of D7 core. I was freaking out, because I was using Drush to install it, and when that failed I went to its project page and scrolled to the releases, completing skipping the first sentence that explains it was moved to core...

Okay, I am having soy corn dogs for dinner tonight. I am so impressionable. ^_^

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