Backwards compatible casual games

firebus's picture

The problem with multiplayer (or massively-multiplayer) casual games is that at some point after release, everyone moves on to the next big thing and they become empty wastelands. Crickets. Tumbleweeds.

I propose that a games publisher release a series of games where the actions in the most recently released games are translated into actions in the previous game.

So let's say you have a multiplayer dungeon adventure game, followed by a multiplayer tetris-like matching puzzle game. Players that enter the new puzzle game should also cause a player to enter the dungeon adventure game. Actions taken in the puzzle game should map to some action (move a square, cast a spell, whatever) in the dungeon game.

This way, if anyone stumbles upon, or really falls in love with, the obsolete game there will still be unpredictable new things happening in it.

Eventually you'll have a whole series of games, each one translating back to it's predecessor. You would incrementally build a grand unified theory of game.

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