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If you're born on a leap day, you only have your birthday once every four years, or a little more often. So when your peers are 20, you are only 5.

This is is paradoxical, since you're not, actually, 5 years old. You aren't much younger than your peers. You've lived the same number of days.

But the opposite is true for people not-born on a leap day during a leap year - you live 366 days, but you are only 1 year - 365 days - older on your birthday.

In fact, *everyone's* birthday should shift one day early each time there is a leap day. That way everyone ages one "year" every 365 days, and "years" can be comparable from person to person.


Free Frederic

I like it. This would also solve the problem of people who get stuck with birthdays near major holidays.
(Though very slowly. My preferred alternative would be to celebrate birthdays in whole multiples of synodic months: Celebrate your birthday in different seasons over time, but get the exact same moon phase as the day you were born.)

This topic clearly calls for a "Pirates of Penzance" reference: "He is a little boy of five! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha..."

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astronomy mashup

that takes the birthday further away from it's relationship with the earth and the sun by mashing in the relationship with the moon. you could take it further and have extra celebrations based on other astronomical coincidences - i don't know enough about astrology, but i assume there are long-term cycles of planets through the various constellations that might be useful.

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