"Falafel" Pantry Fiasco

firebus's picture

I have some OCD tendencies, and the primary vehicle for my disorder is pantry management. I really like using everything up. I'm willing to cook and consume occasionally terrible food to make sure ingredients get used within a reasonable timeframe (say, a year for most dry ingredients). Whenever I get a chance to cook in someone else's house, I always go through the whole pantry looking for old stuff that I can cook with or consolidate if I can get away with it.

Renting a vacation house with a kitchen is always an exciting experience. My dream is to rent a house and subsist exclusively on what's already in the pantry (usually jello, and a whole flat of frank and beans, and maybe some weevil-infested pancake mix?)

On a recent trip to Tahoe, I tried to make falafel from the contents of a rental house pantry, with really poor results:

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