Graphing ESPP calculator

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  • This one plots the net profit of qualifying vs. disqualifying distributions over a range of sale prices.
  • This graph does not consider the annualized return, which is much higher for an immediate disqualifying distribution (you sell right after you buy) than for the corresponding qualifying distribution, assuming you have to hold for 18 months.
  • This graph also omits any treatment of the probability of a given sale price given the market price.
  • See the previous post for definitions of terms and an overview.
  • I'm using flot for the graphing with examples cut-and-pasted directly from their examples page. Awesome stuff
  • I am an accounting hobbyist and not a tax professional. These calculations are just for fun! Don't trust me! Don't blame me! Don't tase me!


Market price:$
Lookback price:$
Sale price range:$ -
Regular tax rate:%
Long-term capital gains tax rate:%


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