Fun with integers

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php > print 1100690227200 / 1099511627776;

php > print 1100690227200 % 1099511627776;
PHP Warning: Division by zero in php shell code on line 1


php > print PHP_INT_MAX;

php > print gettype(1100690227200);


There is no integer division operator in PHP.

Operands of modulus are converted to integers (by stripping the decimal part) before processing.


This makes perfect sense of course - modulus is only defined for integers. Somehow the 'divide by zero' error message leaves something to be desired...


What sound does a PHP geek make when he chuckles?

I don't know, but I just made it. (sorry, lost steam for my punchline to my own joke)

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Something like

the weird chuckle I got out of jrod the other day when I made a joke about the topological equivalence between the food pyramid and a quiche? It was really weird!

This was for a routine where I'm converting between a single variable representing a size in Bytes and 3 variables representing the same size (with less precision) in MB, GB and TB.

So I'm doing something like this:

$size = 1100690227200
$tb = (int) ($size / pow(1024, 4);
$size = $size % pow(1024 *4);
$gb = (int) ($size / pow(1024, 3);
$size = $size % (pow(1024, 3);
$mb = (int) ($size / pow(1024, 2);

There's probably a more elegant way to do this...

I am without word...

I am without word...

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