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BMI has been used as a measure of health for quite some time, but the data doesn't support a strong correlation between BMI and mortality. The problem is that BMI doesn't distinguish between fat and muscle, or between good and bad distribution of fat.

Recently, waist circumference has been proposed as a more-accurate metric, but this measurement also has it's limitations. Since WC and BMI are highly correlated, so there may be a limit to how much extra information can be derived from WC.

A recent paper suggests a new measure, designed to be maximally correlated with mortality, and minimally correlated with BMI and WC. This may or may not be meaningful. But here's a calculator for it :) Your z-score is based on the data in the paper, and is the number of standard deviations away from the mean for your sex and age you are. Higher is worse.

I'm not sure why this paper ignores WC/Height ratio, which has also been proposed as a metric, and resolves some of the problems given for WC.

Citations for all of the above and a much better discussion of the research is available in this Obesity Panacea blog post by Travis Saunders


Age years
Height centimeters
Weight kilograms
Waist Circumference centimeters


BMI: ---(18.5 - 25 is normal. 25 - 30 is overweight. >30 is obese.)
WC/Height ratio: ---(Over 0.5 is critical, 0.6 if you are over 50)
ABSI: ---(Mean varies by age and sex.)
ABSI z-score: ---(33% increase in mortality per standard deviation from mean.)


Hallo, i meen, you have

i meen, you have error in ABSI; I have 0,7572, you have 0,07572.

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Are you sure?

Would you mind letting me know (webmaster at firebus dot com if you want to keep it private) what you're entering?

I tried with my own data here, and at a number of other calculators linked to from here, and got the same results everywhere...


One way hash?

This is me:

BMI: 22.8
WC/Height ratio; 0.4628
ABSI: 0.0760
ABSI z-score: -1.1848

Is that a one way hash or are there too many collisions and you don't know how fat I am.

Two improvements :
- round numbers
- have inputs be 'merican instead of who-uses-it-but-the-entire-world metric


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corned beef hash

i think we know how (not) fat you are from the BMI and the WHtR, but not the ABSI :)

Yeah, I was feeling lazy :) For the inputs, it would have to be a switcher between metric and US.

ABSI Calculator

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