Casserole Reformulations

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Check back, this list is ongoing...


  • Chicken bratwurst with Della Fattoria ciabatta
  • Quinoa salad w/escarole, avocado, tomato, tahini dressing
  • Stir-fried mixed meat/vegetable kebabs sliced thin with tomato relish
  • Pita bread pizza with tahini, mixed meat/vegetable kebabs sliced thin, tomato relish
  • Curry roast chicken salad with asparagus and portabello salad
  • Grilled cheese "reubens" with Della Fattoria levain and horseradish sauerkraut
  • Roast chicken tetrazzini with at potato and corn chowder cream sauce
  • Cut strawberry and kiwi smoothie
  • Garlic mashed potato pancakes
  • Roast chicken sandwiches
  • Roast chicken salad with satay fish sauce dressing and cabbage (which was the garnish for the papaya salad
  • Breakfast burritos. This is really just the same as the burritos but also with eggs. Not the most reformed reformulation...
  • Quinoa/tofu black bean chili burgers on toasted naan with satay peanut sauce. Possibly the most reformed reformulation - the chili was hella spicy and also wet from having been frozen, so we cooked it down, mashed a bit, cut with the quinoa and burgerized.
  • Ghetto bun tom heo nuong: pad thai noodles with sauteed shrimp dressed with Thai spring roll sauce. This is pretty weak, I know.
  • Breakfast tacos with black bean chili sludge, Papalote salsa, eggs, etc.
  • Quinoa salad with grilled salmon and shredded vegetables
  • Salmon, egg, and cheese breakfast burritos with Papalote salsa
  • Sweet potato quesadillas with lamb and Papalote salsa
  • Roast chicken salad with Aji dressing


  • Della Fattoria ciabatta and levain; Hella cheese (including a whole Red Hawk!) - from Whole Foods
  • Mixed meat/vegetable kebabs; Horseradish sauerkraut; Cupcakes; Strawberries - from Whole Foods, the farmer's market, and a kid's birthday party.
  • Quiche; Assorted pastries - from Whole Foods
  • Veggie combo; Meaty combo - from Old Jerusalem (including Pita bread; Tahini; Tomato relish)
  • Roast chicken; Kale salad; Asparagus and portabello salad - from Whole Foods (I'm sensing a pattern here...)
  • Roast chicken; Asparagus caprese salad; Potato and corn chowder; Cut strawberry and kiwi - from Whole Foods (from the amount of asparagus appearing in the cold case, I predict steep discounts in the produce aisle!)
  • Herbivore pizza; 2 Plate salads - from Lanesplitter
  • Roast chicken with Lawry's rub (or reasonable facsimile - it was like 7 herbs and spices); Broccolini; Garlic mashed potatoes with chives home-grown by a 3-year-old - from a kitchen in someone's house
  • Satay (chicken and lamb); Fresh spring rolls; Yellow curry with eggplant; Papaya salad; Sticky rice; Fried rice with crab and salty fish - from Basil Cantina
  • Burritos (seasoned ground beef, chopped tomatoes, chopped parseley, shredded cheese, spanish rice); Papalote salsa - from a kitchen in someone's house
  • Tofu black bean chili; Brussels sprouts roasted with grapes; Qunioa - from a kitchen in someone's house! Now we're talking
  • Lamb kebabs; Chicken tikka masala; Dal Makhani; Saag Paneer; Mattar Paneer; Rice; Naan - from Khana Peena maybe?
  • Lamb kebabs; Broccoli rabe; Penne with tomato sauce and blue cheese; 3 Beans ale from Six Points - from a kitchen in someone's house.
  • Roast chicken; Aji sauce; Tacu-tacu; Sweet potato fries; Truffle mac and cheese; Warm chocolate cake - from Limon
  • Sushi - from Tsunami

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