the worst thing in the world...

...for today. and maybe tomorrow.

torn acl. lame. and I was just getting excited for football season.

on the upside, I think I just blogged. sure, it wasn't good and you didn't care about it, but that's what's pissing me off today so that's what I blogged about. besides, russ said it was my blog and I can write about whatever I want, whenever I want to so I really shouldn't have to defend myself. plus, I don't know jack about robots.... although we did make one in college. in reality it wasn't much of a robot really - more an ill-designed remote control car that was supposed to pick up foam blocks, but didn't. it definitely couldn't answer questions. you could however, sit on it and ride around the University of Illinois gym and make fun of all the dorks who actually made robots that picked up foam blocks, but were much too small to sit on. let alone sit on while drinking a bud light. suckers.

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