No on 8

Not that anyone reading this would dare vote yes, but just in case... please vote no on 8, or consider yourself a hateful jerk. And don't come back here again. ever.


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Coincidence? Or...

Is it a coincidence that the one political endorsement you've shared on your blog was shot down by the voters?

(Answer: Yes. Yes. It's just a coincidence...)


I should try being less antagonistic. or not.

Steve Young - Mormon

but not a dick. cool.

as for the rest of you fuckos (and 52% of CA). go to hell. asshats.

how come...

no one made a "" site?

I mean, like a google mashup where you post the address of your neighbors who have a "yes on 8" sign?

Then, you know, keep that on file, FOREVER. Like the sex offender database.

I say this after walking the dog, seeing the yes on 8 sign, and going "huh. I better remember which house this is."

Just an idea. Probably a little late in the game, but...

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That way we can figure out who not to give candy to on Halloween?

I don't think I agree with the sex offender database either though...

Dick ID Mapping

I like it. We can have a little map in the corner with colored google pin flags that will serve to identify people who clearly suck. We can add filters too, so you can see a cross-section of people who suck for specific reasons like: "yankees fans" and "voted yes on prop 8" or "have the clap". We should also have a directory so people can search to find out if they've been flagged as a dick.

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