The Motivational Power of Big Pants

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I've been watching The Biggest Loser, and enjoying its strange combination of inspiration, disgust (stop crying already), exploitation, abuse, and crass commercialism.

I really love how whenever we see a retrospective of a contestant (every time someone is kicked off boot camp island, and once for each contestant on the finale) they have a big pants moment, where they stand behind their giant old pants and then drop them to the floor to show how awesome they are now.

It's always an amazing surprise, and we should take a moment to give thanks to Jared from Subway for making this such a powerful image in our collective subconcious.

One of the contestants this year has decided to become a motivational speaker, and in her motivational speeches she pulls the big pants. The message is "If I used to wear these giant pants, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!!!!!".

In her retrospective, we got to see her official biggest loser big pants moment AND the big pants moment in a clip from her motivational speech. Double plus big pants.

I think we should all embrace the power of big pants and get a pair of our own. Even if you were never big enough to fill your enormous pants, you can motivate yourself but taking them out of the closet, standing in front of a mirror with them, and then dropping them to see how much smaller you are now.

If you are a manager, you can use your big pants in this manner to motivate your reports. You never need to mention that they never really fit you. THEY ARE BIG PANTS. THEY MEAN THAT YOU CAN DO ANYTHING.


the only problem with this

the only problem with this kind of post, is that it will work, and all the sarcasm will be destroyed through sheer effectivosity.

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There is no spoon

That's the beauty of big pants. You don't need to believe in big pants for them to work.

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