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Chicken Liver Paté

When we run out of stock and schmaltz we buy a whole chicken.

The breasts and legs are removed and usually frozen for later (sometimes the legs make confit).

The fat and skin is rendered into schmaltz.

The carcass - including wings and gizzard - are made into stock.

The liver and heart, and the meat picked from the boiled carcass become paté. The meat to liver ratio is a little high, so this is a relatively dry and textured pate, but the flavor is wonderful. You could easily double or triple the liver for a more traditional, unctuous, pate.

adapted from:

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Multiplication Tables

I've always had a mental hiccup at 7*8. It takes me an extra millisecond to remember that it's 56, or if I remember I have to take an extra second to confirm it - to count up from 49 or something.

It's so ingrained that I apparently have taken for granted for my entire life that other people have the same problem. As it turns out (you already know this :) that's not that case.

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Blog to Book: Vacation Home Cooking

Guaranteed six-figure blog to book concept:

Serially rent vacation homes for the weekend. Only eat what's already in the kitchen. Blog your fantastic recipes (900 ways to serve saltines and powdered milk? Gross-of-canned-green-beans casserole?) Eventually publish the cookbook.

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Bach B-Minor Mass Recital at the Oakland Cathedral

OSC has been running a workshop of the Bach B-Minor Mass and we're giving a free recital with the chorus and all the workshop participants on March 13th at the Oakland Cathedral.

More info on the OSC home page and at the cathedral's web site.

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Panna Cotta

Really it's a ratio. Add some kind of flavoring - vanilla with the gelatin step, or steep an herb in the cream when heating...

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Pate de Campangne

Meatloaf in the French manner. Informed by the following recipes:

I used ground pork and veal, some turkey sausage, duck breasts, and duck fat for the ground meat base when I did this (basically everything in the freezer plus duck!)

You can line the loaf pan with bacon instead of plastic wrap if you like (I oversalted my first attempt and skipped the bacon)

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You're Welcome

Since everyone is trying to revive the lost art of hand-written communication, I mentioned that someone could make a lot money by giving people the means to send more paper mail.

The V-Chip immediately suggested reviving the ancient tradition of the "You're Welcome" note - it's the classy response to any thank you note.

In discussion with The Committee, we came up with some more potential niches for stationary start-ups:

  • "Wish I'd Been There"
  • "Season's Farewells"
  • "I'll Get Well Whenever I Damn Well Please"

No, no, you're welcome.

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