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v => ph Transformation Rule

Steven can be spelled Stephen. The ph is voiced in the latter case.

Why can't we do this with any word that has a v internally?

David -> Daphid
Avarice -> Apharice
Evening -> Ephening
Love -> Lophe
Liver -> Lipher
Loaves -> Loaphes
Woven -> Wophen


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Fretboard Harmony

Another foray into a topic about which I'm mostly ignorant, sorry.

I was practicing major scales, on guitar, in first position. I noticed that, moving from scale to scale around the circle of fifths, there seemed to be a pattern to the geography of each scale and between each adjacent scale, but it was too complicated for me to figure out just by playing.

So I finally wrote everything out, and the pattern is straightforward, and kind of useful.


First, note that when playing diatonic scales in first position, there are 6 possible fingerings on any given string:

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Letter Words

Which words for letters of the alphabet are homophones or homonyms of other words, using scrabble rules and excluding self-referential words that are really just the letter (e.g. "f you!")

I've got 10 I can't find homophones for, and a few that might be bogus...input welcome.

eh? (canadian style - lame!)

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Sam and I were faced with a mostly empty bowl of guacamole.

It had been very good guacamole.

There was a layer of very good guacamole around the inside of the bowl, but the chips all had straight edges that would only scrape a narrow trail of guacamole out.

At that moment Sam invented the spatulinger (although there is some disagreement about the name). It's a ring that goes over your little finger, with a thin strip of rubber spatula that is positioned lengthwise on the underside of the finger, to allow the most efficient and discrete scraping of bowls.


from the SacBee:
"The Democrats released only a broad overview of their package Tuesday afternoon. Bass said the new revenues, which will account for $11.3 billion, would include a three-year hike in the state sales tax, a new oil severance tax of 9.9 percent and a nickel-a-drink tax on alcoholic beverages in the state." (emphasis mine)

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Kristina suggested this at a party recently.

Everyone should be given one veto in their lifetime that they can use to break up a relationship they think is particularly awful.

Interventions don't always work. And sometimes they cause hard feelings.

I'm pretty sure that everyone can identify a relationship they know of that someone should have stopped.

On the flip side, it's possible that if this rule was enacted, all relationships would be vetoed, ie. there's always at least one person who would veto any relationship.

Some additional rules that were suggested:

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The BonnerCube is complete

After a month or so of sporadic work, the BonnerCube is complete.

The BonnerCube is 80% Bonnie, 20% NaNoWriMoRuss, and all cube. Now I will move on to business card origami polyhedra, just as soon as someone else quits their job and gives me all their old business cards.


Waiting for Turkey

20 lbs. of organic free range awesomeness... cooking... marinating in honey buttery goodness... smells so good. waiting sucks. must eat turkey.... maybe a beer will help pass the time... yep... it did.

49ers Just Say No

Went to the 49ers-Rams tilt Sunday. Was having a lovely time watching the SF Singletaries dismantle an absolutely dreadful St. Louis Rams squad. Great day, two teams I don't give a crap about and tailgating in the parking lot. It's winter somewhere, but it sure as hell ain't here.

Abbott the Electrician

I just replaced the electric socket in my office that's been busted and unusable since we moved in. AND, I replaced the dimmer switch that I busted yesterday will an ill-aimed swat at the knobby thingy on the wall. AND I managed to do it all with out shocking the living daylights out of myself. Eff yeah.

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