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Ndleton design pattern

It's a very old joke so I probably only need to tell you the punchline.

The Ndleton design-pattern

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I made a little library to watch for things, search for a keyword in those things, and then notify some people that the keyword was found in a thing.

Currently you can watch a twitter account for new tweets, or a web page for changes (only the diff between old and new page is searched)

The motivation was to watch for mentions of 'pliny' in certain feeds and pages for some friends of mine who are playing the pliny scavenger hunt SF Beer Week.

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Molasses Cookies

You bought a bottle of molasses 5 or 10 years ago for some recipe (You were making BBQ sauce from scratch maybe? Gingerbread men?). You used 0.5 cups. Here's how to get rid of the rest!

This dough freezes great, so make 8 or 9 batches and don't buy molasses any more!

Adapted from this Saveur recipe.

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Tufte Takeaways

My company bought me a ticket to the Edward Tufte one-day course. It feels like something that someone in my position should have attended a long time ago. Not that I do that much data visualisation, but I do a little, and Tufte has had a lot of influence on the UI/X world which is parallel to my work.

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A haggis is a sausage with the following special features

  • Contains lamb and lamb offal (heart, lungs, kidneys, tongue, liver, suet)
  • Contains oatmeal
  • Uses a lamb stomach as a casing
  • Is steamed

But people often skip a number of these features and still call the result a haggis. Most often, the stomach is swapped for a normal sausage casing. The most extreme case is a "vegan haggis", which is usually a baked casserole.

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A couple of years ago Wangston proposed taking the prime factors of your age and meditating on those years of your life on your birthday. (And being excited when you have a prime birthday - it's like starting over!).

A couple of variations on that came up recently. First, if you have repeated prime factors, you could combine them to have a more interesting age to recall (there's only so much time you can spend contemplating age 2). For example, 28 -> 2 * 2 * 7, so you'd take 4 and 7 instead.

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Hot off the presses! It's stupid! On purpose! It's Next Rapture!

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The snobbery gradient

I've had two completely separate conversations in the last couple of weeks about the advisability of importing beer you can't get in San Francsico and then selling it (this is totally illegal) at a huge mark-up.

How awesome is this business?


Let's assume we're going to drive the beer from Michigan (for example) to SF in a minivan, and then sell it at a 100% markup (assuming we have to buy it at full retail price).

It's 2,262 miles from SF to Kalamazoo.

We can drive 8 hours per day, need to eat three meals per day, and stay in a motel each night.

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