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Fungible measurements

Lots of people think it's an awesome idea to measure CO2 pollution in "cars".

The Value of Firebus

According to, the domain is worth a resounding $250. That's awesome. For reference, comes in at $15,000,000 and is worth $20,000,000.

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Oops, I did it again

I OWN third place in the New Yorker Anti-Caption Contest

If number 2 tries harder, what does number 3 do?

I'm number 3, I'm a kind of excrement that doesn't exist? (Or is number 3 vomit?)

No on 8

Not that anyone reading this would dare vote yes, but just in case... please vote no on 8, or consider yourself a hateful jerk. And don't come back here again. ever.

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Today's portmanteau is brought to you by Overcompensating.

Shame + Pride = Shmide. Apparently it tastes like bile and looks like John McCain.

Also, I have this song on repeat and I'm not turning it off until 6PM.

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New Yorker Anti-Caption Contest: Third Place

I got third place in last week's New Yorker Anti-Caption Contest.

This betters my previous best of "honorable mention" (which was just beginner's luck).

If you don't think it's funny, that's kind of the point.

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Upcoming Concerts

Oakland Symphony Chorus is singing on November 2 as part of the Dedication of the Sepulchre ceremony at the Oakland Cathedral of Christ the Light on Lake Merritt.

We're singing Bruckner's Locus Iste and Fauré's Requiem.

Burritos in the Dog Park

It seems to me that if you have a burrito and you really want to eat it in the park, it's probably best to not sit on the bench immediately next to the dog area. Look, I can get my dog to "leave" just about ANYTHING, but Marlo's sharper than most. The recall command, especially in the face of a carnitas fueled binge, is REALLY tough to execute for the average mutt. (Dude, if you turn your back long enough I might steal the burrito...

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It's the chaw-filled lollipop with the smokable stick!

America's favorite!

I was sad because I went to Italy and didn't smoke a single Capri Superslim, which are very Euro.

Blowpops were lying around.

A connection was made.

Imagine if you will a Blowpop that has a Capri Superslim for stick.

You place the Blowpop in your mouth and smoke the Superslim.

You're left with a nicotine filled jawbreaker that you can get twitchy on for the next half hour.

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I never went to band camp

That's probably why I still haven't worked all this out of my system...

Bass clef and crossbonesBass clef and crossbones

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