Walking in LA

Flew into LA this morning for a two day consulting engagement... didn't have to be anywhere until noon, so I took the bus to Union Station, and decided to walk a mile downtown to the office. Big mistake. Every damn street in this town turns into a highway.

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The Third Hand of Molecular Gastromy

It's hard to juggle a wine glass and a plate of food at a cocktail party AND actually manage to get any food off the plate and into your mouth.

You have to wedge the wine glass in your armpit (it'll spill!), or put it down (someone's gonna slip you a mickey!), or put it on the plate so that hummus gets all over the base of the glass.

They've got those nifty plates where you can hang the glass off the side of the plate, but that's so '90s.

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This is the canonical Paper Planes mashup

It's like one of those scientific discoveries where, once the world is ready, everyone invents it all at the same time:

DJ Tripp - Paper Rump (Wreckx-N-Effect vs. M.I.A.)

Thanks Bootie!

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It's today's portmanteau word:

Specific + Particular = Spaticular

Fleet Week

Personally, I kinda like fleet week in a NASCAR "those things go wicked fast and might smash themselves to bits any second now" kinda way, but after an afternoon of Maverick and Goose buzzing the tower here, dogbert would like to formally nominate the fleet week jets as the worst thing in the world... he hasn't looked this panicked since the fourth of july. If those effers ever come down, he's gonna give them the biggest stream of pee not seen in these parts since the infamous street park incident. Well Marlo, I'm here for you bud.

Rental Tuxes

I hate rental tuxes, and I'm not that big on weddings. Actually, I hate anything resembling formal attire, but rental tuxes are the worst. Weddings have enough crap without rental tuxes.

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Sock Protection: Portable Public Restroom Moisture Barrier

Recently a friend of mine was forced to change clothes in a public restroom at an airport.

His flight was late and the executive lounge was closed. He needed to change from his schlubs into his suit so that he could make a presentation to his investors.

The worst part of changing clothes in a public restroom is the contact one needs to make between bare socks and nasty, moist, unsanitary tile floor.

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Wanna write a novel?

It is with and overwhelming sense of relief and fatigue that I announce that the 2008 National Novel Writing Month and NaNoWriMo YWP sites are open for business.


You totally want to write a novel in November.

Bad Tee-shirt Ideas

Don't Even Bother Ladies - I'm a Jerk
I Put the fu in Fun
Helen Keller and Band
I Have Power Over Children

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