Bacon Salt

So I have two words for you - Bacon Salt. This brilliant idea came to Dave and I following some heavy drinking and a visit to KFC where our Aussi friend announced that the reason Aussies love KFC (other than as a preferred method for killing one's self slowly) is that the fries come with "chicken salt". Now I have no idea what that is, but it inspired us to start a company dedicated to bringing the world bacon salt. Now some of you might be saying wait a minute - there already is a bacon salt company

Running in the Mission

Dogbert and I took our standard Mission fun run up around Bernal just now... it was nice. And, at first, perfectly normal. he dragged me the better part of 2 miles, I dragged him most of the way back. See, he likes charging uphill on the way out and on the way back gravity joins forces with my fat to pull us even faster downhill. wheee!!!

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Great Fried Chicken in the San Francisco Bay Area

In no particular order. Only including places I've eaten. Tell me where else they have awesome fried chicken in the Bay Area and I'll go eat there.

  • Little Skillet. Is it as good at Farmer Brown?
  • The Front Porch. West Indies/Soul Food fusion. Corn breading on the chicken. This is also the only place I know in SF that serves doubles.

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I almost forgot!

If I had this blog in the late 1990s I would have written a post in this category about the toaster fax.

It's a fax that prints everything out on lavash, or tortillas.

Perfect for secret messages since you can eat the evidence.

The fax-toaster was inspired by the PaRappa the Rapper toaster accessory.

Tragically, this is just a protype, or a proof of concept.

Today's Installment of TWITW...

today's edition is from the painfully obvious department, brought to you by my favorite faux-sconomist...

the worst thing in the world...

...for today. and maybe tomorrow.

torn acl. lame. and I was just getting excited for football season.

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Toilet Stall-Mounted Hanging Baby Restraint

This one already exists.

I was pretty sure it did. Some people were sure it didn't. Ha ha to them.

Apparently it is easier to pee at urinal while holding a baby in one hand than it is to sit on a toilet and get some business done. Also there might be some other people around who are willing to chat with your baby while you pee. Urinals are all about community.

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The Stakes Are Low

Usually the stakes are low.

Why pitch a fit if that's the case?

What's the worst that could happen?

Usually the worst case scenario isn't terrible.

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Hanging out with smart people can make you a winner

A team from Ellen's work won the pub quiz at Elephant and Castle last night.

I didn't show up until the 3rd round, and I think I gave as many wrong answers as right answers, so my contribution was minimal. But I still bragged a lot about my correct answers.

The psychology of coming to a consensus when no one knows an answer and different people have different ideas of a best guess is interesting.

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The Hall of Halls

On July 4th I had the privilege to perform Nolan Gasser's "American Festivals" oratorio with the Festival del Sole Chorus at the Lincoln Theatre in Yountville.

Here's a Review from the Napa Valley Register

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