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Predictive Wedding DJ

First, we need to find a way to get playlists from as many weddings as possible and feed them to the robot.

Then we can calculate the probability that any given song will follow any other song in a wedding playlist.

Finally, we are left with a system that, given the "first dance" song, can probabilistically generate a wedding playlist containing all the songs that are always played at every wedding in a reasonable order.

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Age Factor

Take the factors of your age and think about when you were the same age as the factors.

Larger factors merit more attention (otherwise you'll spend every other year thinking a lot about being two years old - I only have one memory from two. It's a cool memory, but not worth deconstructing every other year)

Prime number factors merit the most attention.

If you are currently a prime number years old, I guess that's rad.

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Flora wants to know if it hurts

Flora is eighteen months old and has a formidable sign-language vocabulary. For example, she knows how to say hurt. She can use it as a statement - "that hurts" - and as a question - "did that hurt?".

She likes to do things to people and then ask them if it hurt. Which is either really cool or really sick. I was floored when she clawed my left eye and then asked me if it hurt.

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James Calder Cassell III

My grandfather, Jim Cassell, died on July 1, 2008.

There's an obituary up at the Daily Breeze.

James C. Cassell III Hulk HandsJames C. Cassell III Hulk Hands

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Drupal-Friendly Markup

As a programmer with absolutely no design skills, and markup skills that haven't quite made it into the web 2.0 era, I always collaborate with others when building a new site from scratch, or when embarking on a redesign or any substantial UI changes. Usually I act as the themer, transforming finished markup into a set of templates.

Getting Drupal friendly markup from the start makes the task of theming much, much easier.

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n of 1

n of 1 is a powerful tool for understanding the universe badly.

Please let me know if you find any more examples of n of 1 in the wild.

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Customized Mannekin-Pis

In this era of just-in-time manufacturing and instant communication, it's possible to put the face of a loved one on almost any consumer product. Mug. Mousepad. Keychain. Birthday cake. You name it!!

However, to my knowledge, this segment has not been extended to the lucrative historical collectibles market.

And what better monument to inaugurate this opportunity than the Mannekin-Pis, a centuries-old celebration of physical relief.

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The massively multiplayer online snake game.

I'd also like to see an MMO daleks clone...

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Carmina Burana Alternate Playlist

This is an alternate playlist for the Carmina Burana, in which each movement is replaced by a more recent song with a similar theme (musical or lyrical, preferably both).

If you've got a better entry for any of these, please leave a note in the comments!

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Samples From Hell

This is a game where you come up with a tiny sample of an awful or infectious song that immediately reminds you of the song in it's entirety and simultaneously inflicts a deep sense of shame as you realize that parts of your brain are dedicated to recognizing the song and can never be used for anything else ever again.

Also, it has to be singable, so that you can afflict someone with self-loathing at any time, in any place, with no special equipment.

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