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Wangston's Law

Humans should not waste their time discussing any question that can be answered by a robot (google, wikipedia, etc.)

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Upcoming Concerts

If for some reason you want to hear the Oakland Symphony Chorus (of which I am a member) sing the Carmina Burana in the near future, here are your options:

With the Californa Symphony, in Walnut Creek, on Sunday May 4 or Thursday May 6. Ticket Link.

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Self-service Espresso Bar

Target market is the high-powered executive/creative-class knowledge worker who really misses the simple times - when they were in their early-20s, pulling espresso in a grungy indie coffee haus. Or anyone else who wants to play barista - I'm sure there are other scenarios that fit.

This can be run in a really small, narrow space, provided there are exits at front and back, and with only two employees on duty at any time (a cashier and a dishwasher).

The cashier provides you with a pitcher of milk, a portafilter, a paper cup if necessary ($0.15 extra) and a rag.

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Everyone loves thong underwear, and I think everyone would agree the best thing about thong underwear is whale tails.

It would be awesome if there were also thong socks, or thongcks.

The crotch would be on the top of the foot, between the big toe and its neighbor. The waistband would go along the top of the foot and behind the ankle. The thong would go down the middle of the bottom of the foot, and then would curve around the heel to meet the waistband behind the ankle.

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Lustrous and Large

I had my second concert with the Oakland Symphony Chorus and the Contra Costa Times reviewed it.

The disturbance at the beginning of the show that the article mentions was Guffmanesque. An older gentlemen was unwilling to stop talking as the lights came down. He became unhappy and delirious as his neighbors shushed him, finally shouting "WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME TO BE QUIET!" as Michael Morgan repeatedly started and stopped the orchestra.

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Baby Gladiators

I trapped a baby behind my legs and it patiently and valiently climbed over. It was a tough, strong baby. American Gladiators - Baby Edition would probably make a lot money.

Remeber, in the '80s, they made baby versions of every cartoon? There were Muppet Babies, and Baby Flintstones, and Baby Pac-Man? I think?

I think if you got a bunch of babies in a hallway and put one baby's pacifier or blanket or whatever at the other end it would just climb over all those other babies to get to it, just like in American Gladiators.

I don't know how to make them joust, sorry.

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We went to Sundance thanks to IndieGoGo (they had a house that we filled a space in).

I sat on my ass

8 movies in 4 days.

I'm pretty sure that this is more than I've seen (in-theatre or as rental) in the prior 365 days. "Transformers", "Little Miss Sunshine", and The Simpsons" is all I can remember seeing. God, I suck. There might have been one or two more, but definitely not 8.

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21+ Piñatas

The piñata is filled with those liqueur-filled chocolates that are in the shape of tiny bottles of booze.

The piñata itself could be shaped like booze, or something dirty, or something of no interest to children (a tax form? rogaine?)

Bevmo should sell these.

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