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National Novel Writing Month and Drupal Scalability

Drupal 5 scales really well

This surprised me. Having run into many of the common Drupal scalability problems on smaller sites with shared hosting, I expected much worse. In the process of migrating National Novel Writing Month to Drupal 5, I discovered that there are number of contrib modules, patches, hacks, and techniques that can be applied to allow Drupal 5 to scale to handle a medium-traffic, high authenticated/anonymous ratio, web site like ours, as long as you can live without modules that use the node_access table.

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A Psychometric Dating Service


Your cable company should give you the option of logging your viewing choices to a external server.

Then you can sign up for a dating service that matches you with people who have similar preferences (eg, you've saved and entire season of NOVA but haven't actually watched a single episode - have I got the lady for you!).

I don't know of any functional relationships (romantic or otherwise) where the people involved have drastically divergent television preferences (parents and their children excepted).

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I'm an astronaut, etc.

National Novel Writing Month had a gala fundraiser and write-a-thon this year. We rented outer space for the event (it was really cheap) and I got some great pictures back from the event.

All but 20 of the ~2,000 words I wrote this year got written that night.

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It's my favorite song

If you don't hate me yet, listening to the final episode of WrimoRadio 2007, at around 20:20, might help.

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I made valleywag!

It's about time the silicon valley blogodrome started giving me the attention I so richly deserve. I owe it all to Bethany!

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Programmable Wireless USB Flush Handle

This is a toilet flusher that you can mount on any surface. With a connection to a wireless USB dongle.

You can program it to do anything. I want to use it to flush ehcache on the PLoS Topaz stack so that I don't have to keep restarting it manually when it thrashes (actually, it's probably oscache that's thrashing...)

Probably this already exists, but a superficial google didn't show me how to order it.

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The Personal Carbon Sequestration Device

This is a post with a solar panel on top.

It pulls carbon dioxide from the air and separates it into oxygen and carbon, producing a fine pile of black dust over time.

People will purchase these to make it clear that they care about climate change.

Marketing materials will stress the massive impact the PCSD is having on the environment (eg "If everyone in America had a PCSD, we would remove 10 TONS of CO2 from the atmosphere each year!")

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