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I'm working on a side-project to build the perfect forum for political (and other) debates.

It's called Gruff and the goal is to build a troll-resistant (or, really, troll-ignoring) site that allows people with opinions to build a canonical list of arguments around a specific debate and come to a consensus around the reliability of each argument.

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2011 HTML5 Dev Conf Hackathon

Eventbrite sponsored a hackathon for the HTML5 Dev Conf along with a number of other API providers looking to pick up some developers.

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If you're born on a leap day, you only have your birthday once every four years, or a little more often. So when your peers are 20, you are only 5.

This is is paradoxical, since you're not, actually, 5 years old. You aren't much younger than your peers. You've lived the same number of days.

But the opposite is true for people not-born on a leap day during a leap year - you live 366 days, but you are only 1 year - 365 days - older on your birthday.

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A sequencing problem

I had to implement a function the other day to abbreviate a set of days of the week, taking every sequence of adjacent days and replacing them with a hyphenated range. Comma-separating non-adjacent items.

So, {Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri} would become "Mon - Wed, Fri"

I came up with a really ugly, mishmashy recursive solution for it.

Bigokro suggested a non-recursive, linear-time algorithm which is not terrible.

But I still feel like there's something more elegant out there.

Does anyone know if this kind of algorithm has a name and if there's a canonical solution?

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Metalike and Node Knockout

I participated in Node Knockout, a 48-hour Node.js hackathon/competition as a solo team.

My intent was to learn node by failing, and I think I succeeded. My entry, Metalike is full of fail, and barely works, but I have a much better understanding of node, it's ecosystem, and what I need to work on the become more useful as a JavsScript developer.

You can still click through to my team page and vote for me if you want to!

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Including external javascript files in drupal 6

In D7, drupal_add_js can handle external javascript files, but in D6 it cannot handle external js in a nice way.

Most people instead include external js with a preprocess_page function, or hook_footer. However, in both cases, the external js is added before the scripts added by drupal_add_js (the $scripts page template variable) which can be a performance problem.

I've seen one kind of nasty workaround that (ab)uses drupal_add_js to make a call to document.write:

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Backwards compatible casual games

The problem with multiplayer (or massively-multiplayer) casual games is that at some point after release, everyone moves on to the next big thing and they become empty wastelands. Crickets. Tumbleweeds.

I propose that a games publisher release a series of games where the actions in the most recently released games are translated into actions in the previous game.

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Bromance Novel

Romance novels are the largest and most profitable segment of the publishing industry. This is kind of sexist - where are the bromance novels? The committee suggested a great name for a bromance novel imprint: Porterhouse.

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Electric Digeridoo

Not just a digeridoo with a microphone in it, but something with a pickup similar to the wind controller of a digital saxophone.

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