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How is it possible that I don't have an okonomiyaki recipe here? Adapted from

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Fake Gochujang

Real gochujang is made with powdered miso, glutinous rice powder, a specific kind of red pepper powder. This is a fake version made with miso, soy sauce, and any old chile. It's not quite right, especially the color, but it's close!

Adapted from

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Maybe these guys would be willing to take on the challenge of making thongcks a reality?

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Tomato Jam


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Just the dough, from saveur

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Creating a custom submit button with webform API

I've been building some custom components with the webform API. Each component contains a set of related form fields, and one of them has a number of different fieldsets, each with its own submit button. We'll theme this component to make it appear as if there are multiple forms on the page.

It's easy to add extra submit buttons through the webform API, but harder to make them work. When I hit one of my component submit buttons, the form would reload the same page instead of submitting the form, or going to the next page.

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Susan G. Komen For Bad

I've been unhappy with the pink ribbon people for awhile, and for a lot of these reasons, but it's nice to see them presented in such a concise and complete list.

AFAICT, these folks are only interested in promoting themselves, defending their turf, and hoarding money. It would be great if instead of hearing about their corporate deals and their attempts to stifle competition in their space we heard about their impact on meaningful research.

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Brandied Cherries

A jar that will fit the cherries will also fit the sugar and brandy, magically.

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