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Bootie Top Ten Scraper

Every month (or so) Bootie releases a top ten compilation of decent recent mashups.

The comp consists of a list of links to mp3s, or a zip of the whole set.

Each link is to the original artist's file - so there are no naming conventions, and tags are all over the place. I've been thinking about writing a script to automate the download and tagging process for awhile.

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Carmina Burana, January 27, 2012 at the Paramount

Fortune rota. This was my second piece with the OSC and also my last. Almost a perfect circle.

Here's a review from the Benicia Herald.

It was a totally sold-out show, possibly due to the presence of the Oakland Youth Orchestra *and* the Oakland Youth Chorus. You know you're going to get a standing ovation when mom is in the audience.

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Break Bread Concert, December 11 at the Paramount

The Oakland Symphony Chorus is performing in the Oakland East Bay Symphony's annual Let Us Break Bread Together concert on Sunday, December 11, 4PM at the Paramount in Oakland.

This concert is a fun, cheesy, ecumenical holiday concert with a bunch of different vocal groups crammed together on stage. Joan Baez is guest starring (if she doesn't fall out of her treehouse again this year...)

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OSC Workshop, Haydn Harmoinemesse, November 19

The Oakland Symphony Chorus is performing a recital of Haydn's Harmoniemesse on Saturday, November 19 at the Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland (on Lake Merritt) at 8PM.

It's a free concert. It's a recital for our annual workshop, so we will be larger and less-rehearsed than usual.

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Electric Digeridoo

Not just a digeridoo with a microphone in it, but something with a pickup similar to the wind controller of a digital saxophone.

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Haydn Lord Nelson Mass, March 12 2011 8PM

The Oakland Symphony Chorus and our Haydn workshop participants are perfoming a recital of Haydn's Lord Nelson Mass at the Cathedral of Christ the Light in uptown Oakland.

The show is free (donation requested), and I think that Dr Rudy de Vos (music director of the cathedral) will be playing some organ pieces as well.

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