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The Subdivision

Riding on Division, in transit from SOMA to the Mission, sucks. Too many cars, and dirty, messed up traffic patterns as offset grids collide. You can avoid it by heading a block south to Alameda and then wiggling around to 15th st.

Riding on 17th St, in transit from Potrero to the Mission, doesn't suck. But there's a couple of hilly blocks that you can avoid by heading 3 blocks north to Alameda, and then wiggling around to 15th St.

On the way back from the Mission to either Potrero or SOMA, you can take 14th St, and head through the Best Buy parking lot and wiggle back to Alameda St.

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Are you more likely to die on a bicycle?

Although it might not be better for the enviroment, it turns out that biking is better for you, even when you take into account the increased risk of getting killed by a car and increased exposure to pollutants.

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Bicycle Shifter Adjustment Barrels

Most bikes have adjustment barrels for the shifters right next to the shifters themselves. If you're riding along and you notice that one of the derailers is a little off, you should be able to twist the adjustment barrel a little bit to bring the derailer back in line.

I can never remember which way to turn the barrel to fix which kind of problem, and every now and then I spend some time to figure it out but because bicycle shifters are a wonderland of handednesses I can't ever remember, hence this article.

Rings and Sprockets

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The REAL Carbon Footprint of Bicycles

Sure, everyone thinks that bikes are awesome because they get infinity miles to the gallon, but that's just hype!

There's absolutely a carbon footprint associated with bicycle use. From the manufacture and shipping of frames and accessories to the carbon footprint of the foods you eat that fuel your bike, it's clear that bike riding takes an incremental but measurable toll on the environment.

The real question is, "How does a bike's carbon footprint compare to a car's carbon footprint?"

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