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Metalike and Node Knockout

I participated in Node Knockout, a 48-hour Node.js hackathon/competition as a solo team.

My intent was to learn node by failing, and I think I succeeded. My entry, Metalike is full of fail, and barely works, but I have a much better understanding of node, it's ecosystem, and what I need to work on the become more useful as a JavsScript developer.

You can still click through to my team page and vote for me if you want to!

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Creating a custom submit button with webform API

I've been building some custom components with the webform API. Each component contains a set of related form fields, and one of them has a number of different fieldsets, each with its own submit button. We'll theme this component to make it appear as if there are multiple forms on the page.

It's easy to add extra submit buttons through the webform API, but harder to make them work. When I hit one of my component submit buttons, the form would reload the same page instead of submitting the form, or going to the next page.

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2011 National Corndog Day Relaunch

Hey! National Corndog Day 2011 is March 19th!


The site finally got a redesign. It has a lot of pretty elements, and is an infinite improvement over the previous site (a totally undesigned clone of pushbutton) but still has some big design flaws (especially the middle vertical scroller) that are fixable, but I have bigger fish to fry first...

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