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Forced blocking in node.js

I've been trying to unnest some callbacks in a user registration validation routine. I keep failing because I fundamentally don't understand the relationship between callbacks and scope in Node.js yet (maybe in Javascript generally). So clearly I need to solve this nesting problem in order to actually know what I'm doing :)

The problem is that it's difficult to test - I have a number of validation functions chained together with callbacks and depending on how I screw up the non-nested code, validation fails in a variety of ways.

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I'm working on a side-project to build the perfect forum for political (and other) debates.

It's called Gruff and the goal is to build a troll-resistant (or, really, troll-ignoring) site that allows people with opinions to build a canonical list of arguments around a specific debate and come to a consensus around the reliability of each argument.

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Metalike and Node Knockout

I participated in Node Knockout, a 48-hour Node.js hackathon/competition as a solo team.

My intent was to learn node by failing, and I think I succeeded. My entry, Metalike is full of fail, and barely works, but I have a much better understanding of node, it's ecosystem, and what I need to work on the become more useful as a JavsScript developer.

You can still click through to my team page and vote for me if you want to!

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