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A couple of years ago Wangston proposed taking the prime factors of your age and meditating on those years of your life on your birthday. (And being excited when you have a prime birthday - it's like starting over!).

A couple of variations on that came up recently. First, if you have repeated prime factors, you could combine them to have a more interesting age to recall (there's only so much time you can spend contemplating age 2). For example, 28 -> 2 * 2 * 7, so you'd take 4 and 7 instead.

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ISO Exercise Calculator

Oy! It took me forever (literally a week, and probably 4 different tries) to get the algebra right on this.

Let's say you have Incentive Stock Options.

When you buy stock through the ISO plan (exercise the options), you have to pay some money to the company. You will also probably owe some Alternative Minimum Tax, proportional to the difference between the strike price and the market price when you exercise the option.

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Forced blocking in node.js

I've been trying to unnest some callbacks in a user registration validation routine. I keep failing because I fundamentally don't understand the relationship between callbacks and scope in Node.js yet (maybe in Javascript generally). So clearly I need to solve this nesting problem in order to actually know what I'm doing :)

The problem is that it's difficult to test - I have a number of validation functions chained together with callbacks and depending on how I screw up the non-nested code, validation fails in a variety of ways.

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2011 HTML5 Dev Conf Hackathon

Eventbrite sponsored a hackathon for the HTML5 Dev Conf along with a number of other API providers looking to pick up some developers.

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Metalike and Node Knockout

I participated in Node Knockout, a 48-hour Node.js hackathon/competition as a solo team.

My intent was to learn node by failing, and I think I succeeded. My entry, Metalike is full of fail, and barely works, but I have a much better understanding of node, it's ecosystem, and what I need to work on the become more useful as a JavsScript developer.

You can still click through to my team page and vote for me if you want to!

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