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Ndleton design pattern

It's a very old joke so I probably only need to tell you the punchline.

The Ndleton design-pattern

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I made a little library to watch for things, search for a keyword in those things, and then notify some people that the keyword was found in a thing.

Currently you can watch a twitter account for new tweets, or a web page for changes (only the diff between old and new page is searched)

The motivation was to watch for mentions of 'pliny' in certain feeds and pages for some friends of mine who are playing the pliny scavenger hunt SF Beer Week.

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Fun with integers

php > print 1100690227200 / 1099511627776;

php > print 1100690227200 % 1099511627776;
PHP Warning: Division by zero in php shell code on line 1


php > print PHP_INT_MAX;

php > print gettype(1100690227200);


There is no integer division operator in PHP.

Operands of modulus are converted to integers (by stripping the decimal part) before processing.


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Bootie Top Ten Scraper

Every month (or so) Bootie releases a top ten compilation of decent recent mashups.

The comp consists of a list of links to mp3s, or a zip of the whole set.

Each link is to the original artist's file - so there are no naming conventions, and tags are all over the place. I've been thinking about writing a script to automate the download and tagging process for awhile.

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cck_ipaddr release 5.x-1.0

After 4 years of not even trying, I've finally made an official release of the cck_ipaddr utility module for the now EOL Drupal 5.

This was My First Drupal Module! It was fun to refactor very old code, and add a couple of features. My plan is to get it working in both D6 (which is necessary for a current project) and D7 (as a good intro to D7 fields) in the next few weeks. But maybe it'll take me another 4 years, who knows.

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