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Prebeaten Basketball

In bowling, you can pre-beat your opponent. If you're leading by more than 30 pins in the 9th frame, there's no way you can lose in the 10th, etc.

Watching my one NBA game of the year tonight, I realized that the same is true for basketball.

Assuming perfect play by the losing team, and passive play by the leading team (letting the shot clock run out), the losers can only close the gap by 3 points every 24 seconds.

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A Simple Methodology For Choosing Sides

I saw the world cup match between Mexico and France, and once Mexico scored their first goal I realized that I really wanted France to lose - because there would be a lot of whining.

So if you need to figure out who to root for in a sporting contest, you should always root for the team that, if they win, there will be more whining.

the worst thing in the world...

...for today. and maybe tomorrow.

torn acl. lame. and I was just getting excited for football season.

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