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Farkle Heuristic II

I've been playing solitaire farkle on an app, and my goal is to get on the high score list, which means that I'm starting to aim for higher and higher scores. This has altered my heuristic a little bit. Here's the new one:

  • Maximize the number of times you can roll for three of a kind each turn - this means scoring as few dice as possible on each roll as long as you'll still have at least 3 dice to roll on the next roll

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Farkle Heuristic I

I've been playing a lot of solitaire Farkle recently, having been introduced to it a few years ago by the Yun family.

I haven't started to grind out the probabilities for ideal play yet, but I'm thinking that I need to calculate the expected outcome for each possible throw (6 dice, 5 dice, etc.), and then determine if it makes sense to bank or roll based on the expected outcome and the probability of farkle for that roll.

Here's a heuristic for playing farkle, with some explanation of the assumptions it makes:

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