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Casserole Reformulations

Check back, this list is ongoing...


  • Chicken bratwurst with Della Fattoria ciabatta
  • Quinoa salad w/escarole, avocado, tomato, tahini dressing
  • Stir-fried mixed meat/vegetable kebabs sliced thin with tomato relish
  • Pita bread pizza with tahini, mixed meat/vegetable kebabs sliced thin, tomato relish

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Junk food in Austin

Some foods, force-ranked


  1. Louie Mueller BBQ. Perfect beef ribs (IMO the hardest thing to get right), and really great sweet jalapeño sauce.
  2. Snow's BBQ. Best brisket.
  3. Two Bros. Amazing coffee BBQ sauce. Great beans (no one else has interesting beans at all)
  4. Salt Lick (catered). All around high quality, good beef ribs, very dry.
  5. Opie's. Great pork ribs, falling apart, unusual and tasty sides.
  6. Iron Works. All around pretty good. Great hot links. Good portions, nice place.

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Cock and Balls Salt and Pepper Set

Fab has this jolly nose-shaped pepper grinder, and SF suggested that the pepper should actually come out of a butt.

The next natural step was to twist the balls to get the pepper out. And finally salt comes out the penis. How could this not sell?

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"Falafel" Pantry Fiasco

I have some OCD tendencies, and the primary vehicle for my disorder is pantry management. I really like using everything up. I'm willing to cook and consume occasionally terrible food to make sure ingredients get used within a reasonable timeframe (say, a year for most dry ingredients). Whenever I get a chance to cook in someone else's house, I always go through the whole pantry looking for old stuff that I can cook with or consolidate if I can get away with it.

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  • A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds
  • The consistency of pudding is foolish
  • Pudding is a hobgoblin


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Crockpot vs. Gas oven

Welcome back to the n of 1 institute.

In this episode we'll be comparing crock pot cooking with gas oven cooking. Specifically we'll be comparing my electric crock pot with my gas oven - so it's really an n of ME analysis! n of ME is even less useful than n of 1. Cool! We're going to aim at comparing carbon footprint, but will also touch on a straight comparison of "energy", and a price comparison.

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How to dry a cast iron skillet

When you wash a cast iron skillet, you have to dry it or else it rusts.

Some people in my house like to dry the skillet with a dish towel. Usually this results in a dirty dish towel, and the towel goes in the hamper.

Some people in my house like to dry the skillet over a gas flame.

We have a dispute about which method is worse for the environment, and I am going to use the famous "n of 1" research method to resolve this dispute.


  • It takes 30 seconds to dry a burner over a gas range.

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Blog to Book: Vacation Home Cooking

Guaranteed six-figure blog to book concept:

Serially rent vacation homes for the weekend. Only eat what's already in the kitchen. Blog your fantastic recipes (900 ways to serve saltines and powdered milk? Gross-of-canned-green-beans casserole?) Eventually publish the cookbook.

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