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The Motivational Power of Big Pants

I've been watching The Biggest Loser, and enjoying its strange combination of inspiration, disgust (stop crying already), exploitation, abuse, and crass commercialism.

I really love how whenever we see a retrospective of a contestant (every time someone is kicked off boot camp island, and once for each contestant on the finale) they have a big pants moment, where they stand behind their giant old pants and then drop them to the floor to show how awesome they are now.

Running in the Mission

Dogbert and I took our standard Mission fun run up around Bernal just now... it was nice. And, at first, perfectly normal. he dragged me the better part of 2 miles, I dragged him most of the way back. See, he likes charging uphill on the way out and on the way back gravity joins forces with my fat to pull us even faster downhill. wheee!!!

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