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Hot off the presses! It's stupid! On purpose! It's Next Rapture!

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Not enough of a Bad Thing

I've seen a lot of art recently where profound, or funny, effects were produced through the accumulation of crappy items.

For example, the MIT Project has a wall of stick figure drawings illustrating (very poorly) various body parts, organ systems, pathologies (i can't remember).

Individually each drawing is kind of crappy. But the whole wall of them is wonderful.

So I'm proposing that in addition to "Too much of a good thing" there is also "Not enough of a bad thing", at least in some cases.

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Ziggy Rainbows

All you have to do to get a mention in a big time comics blog is to send in something awful to the management:

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The BonnerCube is complete

After a month or so of sporadic work, the BonnerCube is complete.

The BonnerCube is 80% Bonnie, 20% NaNoWriMoRuss, and all cube. Now I will move on to business card origami polyhedra, just as soon as someone else quits their job and gives me all their old business cards.


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Oops, I did it again

I OWN third place in the New Yorker Anti-Caption Contest

If number 2 tries harder, what does number 3 do?

I'm number 3, I'm a kind of excrement that doesn't exist? (Or is number 3 vomit?)

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New Yorker Anti-Caption Contest: Third Place

I got third place in last week's New Yorker Anti-Caption Contest.

This betters my previous best of "honorable mention" (which was just beginner's luck).

If you don't think it's funny, that's kind of the point.

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I never went to band camp

That's probably why I still haven't worked all this out of my system...

Bass clef and crossbonesBass clef and crossbones

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