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Wanna write a novel?

It is with and overwhelming sense of relief and fatigue that I announce that the 2008 National Novel Writing Month and NaNoWriMo YWP sites are open for business.

You totally want to write a novel in November.

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National Novel Writing Month and Drupal Scalability

Drupal 5 scales really well

This surprised me. Having run into many of the common Drupal scalability problems on smaller sites with shared hosting, I expected much worse. In the process of migrating National Novel Writing Month to Drupal 5, I discovered that there are number of contrib modules, patches, hacks, and techniques that can be applied to allow Drupal 5 to scale to handle a medium-traffic, high authenticated/anonymous ratio, web site like ours, as long as you can live without modules that use the node_access table.

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It's my favorite song

If you don't hate me yet, listening to the final episode of WrimoRadio 2007, at around 20:20, might help.

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