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The Sipping Seder

Adam turned me on to another alcoholic seder. The creators of The Sipping Seder seem to have put a lot more thought into the ritual, recipes, and design of their haggadah. The Liquid Seder is probably still more likely to permanently blind you. Which is what passover is all about?

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Muslim mathematicians invented the concept of zero. So it's ironic that people are opposed to building a mosque on ground zero. Even though it's not on ground zero. And it's not a mosque. Without the Muslims it would be "ground one" or something.

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The Liquid Seder

Our second triennial, not-very-kosher observance of the Liquid Seder happened on April 11.

In this seder, each traditional food item is replaced by a cocktail involving the same ingredients. The resulting drunkenness (5 cocktails + 4 glasses of wine with only matzo to buffer the alcohol) results in a spectacular drunkeness that can only be appreciated by a people that were once held in bondage by a capricious Egyptian monarch.

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