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How to dry a cast iron skillet

When you wash a cast iron skillet, you have to dry it or else it rusts.

Some people in my house like to dry the skillet with a dish towel. Usually this results in a dirty dish towel, and the towel goes in the hamper.

Some people in my house like to dry the skillet over a gas flame.

We have a dispute about which method is worse for the environment, and I am going to use the famous "n of 1" research method to resolve this dispute.


  • It takes 30 seconds to dry a burner over a gas range.

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"I voted" for bad?

I was asked "how many cubic yards of "I Voted" stickers are going to wind up in landfills across the country" after this election?

And I decided to use powerful n=1 research techniques to answer the question.

The "I voted" sticker where I live is about 2 inches long.

It is about 0.01 of an inch thick max (cardstock is .0175, 16lb bond is .0032)

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Are you more likely to die on a bicycle?

Although it might not be better for the enviroment, it turns out that biking is better for you, even when you take into account the increased risk of getting killed by a car and increased exposure to pollutants.

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The REAL Carbon Footprint of Bicycles

Sure, everyone thinks that bikes are awesome because they get infinity miles to the gallon, but that's just hype!

There's absolutely a carbon footprint associated with bicycle use. From the manufacture and shipping of frames and accessories to the carbon footprint of the foods you eat that fuel your bike, it's clear that bike riding takes an incremental but measurable toll on the environment.

The real question is, "How does a bike's carbon footprint compare to a car's carbon footprint?"

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Fungible measurements

Lots of people think it's an awesome idea to measure CO2 pollution in "cars".

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The Personal Carbon Sequestration Device

This is a post with a solar panel on top.

It pulls carbon dioxide from the air and separates it into oxygen and carbon, producing a fine pile of black dust over time.

People will purchase these to make it clear that they care about climate change.

Marketing materials will stress the massive impact the PCSD is having on the environment (eg "If everyone in America had a PCSD, we would remove 10 TONS of CO2 from the atmosphere each year!")

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