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"Southern Succor" Rub

From Virtual Weber Bullet's "The Reknowned Mister Brown":

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Fake Gochujang

Real gochujang is made with powdered miso, glutinous rice powder, a specific kind of red pepper powder. This is a fake version made with miso, soy sauce, and any old chile. It's not quite right, especially the color, but it's close!

Adapted from

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Tomato Jam


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Niq'r Qibe

Ethiopian spiced ghee. From Saveur.

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pretty much every aromatic spice you've got in the rack. from saveur.

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Pickled Carrots

Adapted from a Bon Appetit recipe. Supposedly Morrocan-style, in my mind this a version of Mexican carrot escabeche (although most of the recipes for escabeche call for sauteeing the carrots and aromatics in oil and blanching in the brine before pickling).

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The Kimchee

A product of my aunt's intense cycle of trial and error. Probably best to sterilize all implements before use.

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There's the rub (sorry)

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Teriyaki Sauce

I tried to make it off-the-cuff but it wasn't sweet enough, so I looked up Hiroko Shimbo's version.

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Garam Masala

Garam = Hot. Masala = Spice.

Add to dish at the end of cooking. Add turmeric and fenugreek to push things in a british-style curry powder direction.

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