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Films at SXSW

Here's a punchlist of stuff I saw at SXSW (which, by the way, is an awesome film festival where it's easy to see almost everything you want to see, and you can see 6 movies in a day if you're really motivated).

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The Patrick Swayze Psychometric System

I've noticed that everyone confuses Patrick Swazye with another actor, and has trouble remembering whether Swayze or his look-alike was in a given film. Which actor that you confuse with Patrick Swayze tells us something important about who you are.

Here are the doppelgangers I've identified so far:

Kevin Costner
They both sound like dumb guys, but are surprisingly sensitive and crafty on the inside. You primarily consider (perceived) intelligence when making first impressions. Your favorite Swayze is Point Break.
Dennis Quaid

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We went to Sundance thanks to IndieGoGo (they had a house that we filled a space in).

I sat on my ass

8 movies in 4 days.

I'm pretty sure that this is more than I've seen (in-theatre or as rental) in the prior 365 days. "Transformers", "Little Miss Sunshine", and The Simpsons" is all I can remember seeing. God, I suck. There might have been one or two more, but definitely not 8.

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