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Susan G. Komen For Bad

I've been unhappy with the pink ribbon people for awhile, and for a lot of these reasons, but it's nice to see them presented in such a concise and complete list.

AFAICT, these folks are only interested in promoting themselves, defending their turf, and hoarding money. It would be great if instead of hearing about their corporate deals and their attempts to stifle competition in their space we heard about their impact on meaningful research.

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Clipper Card For Bad

The San Francisco Bay Area recently rolled out a multi-system transit card that they now call Clipper.

Most of the 9 million transit providers in the Bay Area support the card, or have plans to.

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Campaign Finance For Bad

If a candidate outspends an opponent by a multiple of 2 or more on campaign advertising, then they need to beat their opponent by a similar margin to win the election.

E.g. since Meg Whitman has outspent Jerry Brown 14 to 1, she'd have to beat Brown by 14% to win the election.

We'd need to put a floor in, so that candidates who spend $0 don't win in a divide-by-zero error. Many elections already have a floor that could be used - like the public financing system for presidential elections.

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Gerbs for Bad

I bought some pumpkin seeds in the airport from this fine company and they were quite nice - I like pumpkin seeds a lot, and these were cheaper and less covered in caramel than the other nuts available.

Reading the package I found a dubious health claim: "loaded with Omega 3's, 6's, 9's". Well, that's technically true, but with 47mg of Omega 3 and 5,326mg of Omega 6, the 3/6 ratio is about as awful as it could be.

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National Public Radio for Bad

NPR has been named to the EFF takedown hall of fame for leveling a bogus DMCA takedown notice against a political ad on YouTube.

In addition to ignoring the principles of fair use, and violating the law, the timing of the takedown was such that political debate was effectively stifled.

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Salvation Army For Bad

The Salvation Army won't give you toys at Christmas unless you can prove that you are a legal resident.

Way to go! I guess I will be donating my old stuff to Goodwill from now on.

From my perspective there's some dissonance between the Christian values of love and compassion this organization espouses and the uncharitable, divisive, and functionally racist nature attempt tp exclude people from its toy campaign.

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