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"I voted" for bad?

I was asked "how many cubic yards of "I Voted" stickers are going to wind up in landfills across the country" after this election?

And I decided to use powerful n=1 research techniques to answer the question.

The "I voted" sticker where I live is about 2 inches long.

It is about 0.01 of an inch thick max (cardstock is .0175, 16lb bond is .0032)

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Bomb Squad

Thanks to an anonymous tip, I now know that the opposite of "Wingman" is "Bomb Squad".

("Cockblocker", everyone's first suggestion, is less than ideal for a number of reasons - it's a cheap back-formation from a verb; it connotes an adversarial relationship, while a bomb squad could be a friend that is preventing something bad from happening; it's sex-specific, etc.)

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I pay $60/quarter for garbage pick up. We have the smallest trash can they offer - a 20 gallon bucket - and hence, the lowest rate, but we still only fill it up once a month. So what should be $5/pick up or about $0.17/gallon of trash instead costs us $20/pick up or about $0.67/gallon in practice.

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Smoked Wings

I had these once at a Kentucky Derby party, and googled my way to this recipe, which I'm reproducing nearly verbatim here, because I don't want to be stuck one day when I can't remember how to find it...

Brine the wings in a 5% brine solution, using apple juice or cider for half the liquid, for 4 hours.

Chill the wings on a tray for an hour to develop a pellicle.

Smoke the wings for 2-3 hours.

Sauce the wings.

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Campaign Finance For Bad

If a candidate outspends an opponent by a multiple of 2 or more on campaign advertising, then they need to beat their opponent by a similar margin to win the election.

E.g. since Meg Whitman has outspent Jerry Brown 14 to 1, she'd have to beat Brown by 14% to win the election.

We'd need to put a floor in, so that candidates who spend $0 don't win in a divide-by-zero error. Many elections already have a floor that could be used - like the public financing system for presidential elections.

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Bat Fellatio Wins Ig Nobel Prize!

I am so thrilled to report that bat fellatio won the 2010 Ig Nobel prize for biology!

If I haven't made you read this article before, please don't miss the video in supporting info!

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No-Repeat Guess Who

Since "Guess Who" is really a mind-numbingly boring game if you are above the age of 6, it's probably natural that adults trapped in a cabin, surrounded by flesh-eating zombies, with nothing on the shelf except Guess Who are going to invent some more difficult variations.

Trapped in the suffrage shack, this version was invented.

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If I Can Do This Then You Can Do Anything

If I Can Do This Then You Can Do AnythingIf I Can Do This Then You Can Do Anything

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Wangston's Second Law

If you are a human and you are married to a robot, then your spouse has every reason to demand that you solve any NP-complete problems that arise


  • the most human member of a group should be responsible for solving NP-complete problems
  • and/or the member of a group that has the most facility in solving NP-complete problems is the most human

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Are you more likely to die on a bicycle?

Although it might not be better for the enviroment, it turns out that biking is better for you, even when you take into account the increased risk of getting killed by a car and increased exposure to pollutants.

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